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Friday, July 22, 2011

Adsense Ads Placement

I run Adsense ads on five of my six blogs.  According to Adsense some positions for the ads are better than others based on reader's eye patterns when reading the blog.  I don't like ads to be obtrusive so mine are on the sidebar.  I may not make as much but my readers are happy.  Recently I came across a blog saying the best placement for Adsense is integrated with each post.  They apparently were getting excellent results with this placement.  However, there are two major problems using the integrated ad placement.  First off, readers don't like it, period.  It interrupts with the natural flow of the blog.  From a blogger's point of view though, I think the real risk is the increased possibility of click fraud.  That is a real concern as it can get your Adsense account terminated.  My oinion is Adsense ads should be kept away from the posts.  The sidebar or possibly the header is a better location that won't encourage click fraud.


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