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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blogger's New Design Causes Eyestrain

I was quite excited when Blogger announced their new dashboard and editor design.  It is now available in draft mode (draft.blogger.com) so I have been testing both out.  For the most part I do like the new designs.  They are slicker and cleaner.  I posted earlier about a few of their buttons that are now a pale grey with white font.  These are almost impossible to read!  Until yesterday I was only doing a couple of posts so had not had the opportunity to do multiple posts or layout changes.  Writing the actual posts in the editor is fine.  It's a couple of buttons that's the problem but once you get used to the what the unreadable buttons are, you can get around fairly easy.  The layout page is also a bit more difficult to read with some buttons again being unreadable.  After working for a couple of hours yesterday my eyes were burning and stinging from the eye strain and I had developed a pounding headache.  I do hope they correct this annoying problems!  Oh and there is a glitch in the schedule feature too as it will push the post ahead a day later than you intended so if using schedule be aware of that.  I also don't like the new drop down menus under schedule.  They are hard to read and involve a lot of clicking adding to the eyestrain issue.


Rebecca Mecomber said...

The latest Wordpress update changed the graphic interface, also. It's awful! The background is white and the widget boxes and buttons are this horribly light blue aqua. I can just barely make them out.

I don't know it is with these designers.... I wish they'd leave well enough alone, or at least give us the option to create our own color scheme to see things better.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

haha- i'm glad you have come over to the dark side with me. I could tolerate the colors if things worked right, but come on...

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