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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Few Thoughts on Changes at Adgitize

I noticed a couple of interesting trends on Adgitize today.  First the total points in the system are on a downward trend.  On July 1 there were 10,2301 points; on July 2 there were 95,911 points and on July 3 there were 95,355 points.  This indicates there are fewer advertisers paying into the system.  Now part of that could be due to the Canada Day (Canada) and Independence Day (US) holidays with advertisers late in renewing their ads.  It could also be due to the point changes announced that went into effect on July 1.  Lower points in the system will mean higher earnings for those members who actively do their drops each day as well as post a daily blog post.  However, lower points means fewer advertisers which translates into less income for Adgitize.  I decided to do a bit of investigating.

As a blogger who is spending between $28 and $42 hours per month at Adgitize, I want to be sure I am getting my money's worth.  Checking my Adgitize stats showed that visits from Adgitize is down.  In fact, on one blog the traffic from Adgitize was only 18.  Now that's not good!  At $14 per month, that breaks down to 46¢ per day.  Eighteen clicks breaks down to 3¢ per click, very close to many other advertising networks that give a considerably better traffic result.  I certainly hope this trend will not continue!

What I think has happened is those interested in only earning money through Adgitize may have moved on resulting in a lower traffic count.  I also think some of the advertisers have decided to not renew their ads.  In fairness, some advertisers won't renew because they aren't happy with how their ad performed or they simply can't afford to renew.  I think the possibility of reduced earnings to recoup the costs of advertising may have scared off a couple of advertisers. 


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