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Monday, July 18, 2011

Following the News

Sometimes breaking news and current events present wonderful blog fodder.  Not every blog lends itself well to using current events but when they do a fair amount of blog fodder can be gathered.  I have been following the news by blogging about the Casey Anthony trial.  This trial lasted 33 days resulting in a rather unpopular outcome for protesters.  It was and remains a big human interest story that lends itself nicely as blog fodder for my personal blog. 

The time to use current events as blog fodder is as they are happening.  That is when the interest will be the highest.  It is not good enough to just blog about the event either.  This is the time you add your own opinion and commentary on the implications of that particular current event.  Refrain from using any picture or image related to the event uless you have specific permission to do so.  The exception to this is if you were at the actual event and were able to take pictures yourself but even then you have to be careful especially with respect to images of people used without their permission.


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