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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Team Blogging

Team blogging is a blogging method that involves two or more authors.  This can be a rather effective technique for business or organization blogs.  It may be effective for personal blogs if the team members have a real life relationship (eg. sisters, husband/wife, mother/daughter, etc).  In the first scenario, problems should be minimal since posting will be part of employment expectations, business promotions or volunteer members of an organization working towards a common goal.  There will more than likely be clear guidelines as to content and presentation of that content.  Often this type of team will involve one person responsible for design, one person responsible for posting the actual articles to the blog, and the authors.  Essentially only the design and posting members have direct access to the blog.  The authors simply write the articles.

When it comes to blogging as a team for personal blogs (eg. niche blogs) the team may or may not have a clear agenda with respect to content or presentation.  Each team member usually has access to logging into the blog and posting.  This involves a considerable amount of trust.   A common caveat is 'business and family don't mix' because conflict can at times create a nasty situation and hard feelings.  The same thing can happen with blogging and family.  The worst case scenario if one member may change the password so other members can no longer post.  The more team members, the greater the chance for problems.  The best scenario is all the members contribute equally with the blog becoming successful with good regular content, good earning potential and Page Rank. 


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