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Monday, July 11, 2011

What Kind of Blogger Are You?

We had the great pleasure of attending a belated Canada Day celebration this past weekend complete with a whole roasted pig and amazing fireworks display at my husband's aunt and uncle's farm.  Folks feast all day long.  It was funny that as conversations go it turned to blogging but rather innocently.  I went up for pig skin.  Ssshh, please don't tell my doctor!  While I was up there another guest was asking about one particular salad when I casually said "Oh, that tabbouleh".  I knew the salad well since one branch of my husband's family is Lebanese.  The thing is we only keep three Kebanese dishes as part of our family favourites.  They are tabbouleh, kibbeh and hummus.  She was interested about the salad so I told her how to make it and then the subject of blogging came up.  I told her I was a food blogger and I am but I do write five other blogs that are not food blogs.  I think I identify most with my food blog though even though the first blog I created and took my online nym from was my gardening blog.  Ultimately the gardening feeds into my foodie tendencies though.  If you were asked what kind of blogger are you, what would your answer be?


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