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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When to Take Down a Blog

I author six public and two private blogs.  The question always in the back of my mind is when to take one of them down.  Obviously this would not be something I would consider with my more popular blogs and if any paid private advertising is running I couldn't take them down until the advertising period ran out.  So, when do you decide to take down a blog?

Well if you listen to Google you don't.  You should leave the blog up as a reflection of you the author and adding to their content.  But, I don't feel that is the best advice.  Sure it adds to their search engine content but at some point any content is dated.  Organic traffic will decrease and gradually die out.  You don't necessary have to delete the blog either.  Blogger has the option that you can easily set the blog to private.  So the blog stays intact but no one can read it unless you allow them to.  That way if you decide to bring the blog back to life all you have to set it to public then start blogging again.  Another option Blogger offers is to download your blog complete with comments.  You can effectively download your entire blog, take down your blog then restore it with a new url if desired.  That can be a nice option in some circumstances.  If you choose this option be sure to download your template as well.  Once restored the entire blog will function as normal at it's new url location if at some point you decide to restore the blog.  The choice whether or not to take down  your blog or blogs should always be your own.  If you take down a blog I recommend doing so in such a manner as to be able to restore the blog if at some point you desire. 


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