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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why Would You Take Down a Blog

Yesterday's post talked about taking down a blog and ways you can easily do so that still give you the option of restoring the blog on the existing url or a new url.  There really are many, many reasons to take down a blog.  Here are a few I came up with:

  • lack of interest - Essentially you are no longer interested in blogging.  It isn't for you so you have the choice to leave is stagnant to die a slow death or take it down.  If you know that blogging isn't for you taking down the blog may be the best choice.  Chances are it wasn't old enough to have earning potential so taking it down will have no effect. 
  • life events - Life tends to interrupt blogging.  At some point you may be dealing with things that are considerably more important than blogging.  Sometimes it is easier to temporarily take down a blog rather than worrying about constantly updating it.
  • online stalking - As a victim of online stalking I can attest that sometimes it is easier to take down a blog then move it to a new url just to keep your stalker at bay.  If it is a real problem setting your blogs to private effectively puts you undercover then while in the private setting a couple of months later move to a new url solves a lot of this type of problem.   If they can't find your blog they can't stalk you.  Just make sure you don't put some type of notice about the url change on the original blog but you can notify followers, directories and that type of thing about the url change behind the scenes.
  • death - This is a topic I don't see a lot of bloggers addressing.  Upon the death of the blogger the blog essentially ceases to exist.  At that time those left behind may choose to delete the blog or they may have been left instructions to delete the blog.  But that only happens if someone close to the blogger has access to their blogging account.  It's important to let others know your wishes about how your intellectual property is to be used after your demise.  For example, my husband has my log in information and instructions on what to do with respect to my blogs should I pass away.  Others may choose to leave their blogs to go into the ever expanding wasteland of cyperspace. 


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