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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Working in the New Blogger Dashboard and Editor

I've been working in the new Blogger dashboard and editor in draft mode.  It has a completely different look and feel than the old editor.  Quite frankly I like it.  The only complaint I have is in the old editor there was a option to 'return to posts' that could be opened in another tab to get the link of a former post I wanted to backlink to.  It was quite convenient.  I can still do this in the new dashboard but not directly from the editor so it is not quite as convenient.  Aside of the look the additional functions added are text background colour and define/translate.  Both are nice features.  Oh and the labels are now presented in a nicer drop down menu with each term separated by a comma rather than the single line drop down style.  I like that a calender has been added to the schedule option as well.  Over all I reall do like the new editor.


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