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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

An Annoyance on Blog Advertising Networks

I have at times participated in up to five blog advertising networks that involve visiting other members' blogs.  One of the biggest annoyances I have come across while visiting other blogs in the system is loading issues.  Some consistently will not load period while other partially load before the loading error occurs.  I know that this is not just an issue with my computer (Mac) or connection (satellite) as the problem persists with these blogs on my husband's laptop (PC), my husband's office computer (PC) and connections at his office (high speed) and our vacation home (DSL).  I even made a list of the most problematic blogs in these networks so I could purposely test them out on other systems.  One of them is particularly noticeable as it won't even load on my iPod Touch.  What is the point of advertising your blog on a blog advertising network when you have loading issues?


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