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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Crossing the Line

From day one, from the moment I started blogging I've been a blogger in the true sense.  I use my one content and if on the rare occasion I don't I give credit where credit is due.  Now in the past couple of days apparently a Boston blogger (David Portnoy) decided to go against the ethics of blogging.  This seriously is not cool and may even be illegal.  What he did was post the picture of New England's Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and supermodel Gisele Bunchden's 18 month old son's nude pictures on his blog with a bit of ad lib. Now quite frankly Tom and Gisele are not innocent as they have been encouraging the paparazzi BUT David Portnoy did not take the picture he posted nor did he have a release to use the photo.  THEN he made lewd comments on the photos directing viewers to the toddler's genetial?  Ok, as a blogger this is just about as wrong as wrong you can get!

  • ethics - Bloggers for the most part have ethics and that means there is a fine line you don't cross.  For most of us that means NOT STEALING PHOTOS then ALTERING THEM  to DRAW ATTENTION TO A TODDLER'S GENITAL!  Can we say pedophile???????? (Personally I expect to hear more about David Portnoy by the talking heads but how any blogger could condone this is well beyond my scope.  This is one sick pervert if you ask me!)
  • copyright - Regardless of what David says there are copyright issues.  It was not his picture, he didn't take it and did not have permission to use it so he has committed copyright infringement.  Perhaps they will make an example of David (I'm just saying...)
  • legality-  Ok, these are celb parents who should do what it takes to keep their kid out of prying eyes.  They didn't mean it but Mr. DickHead Blogger thought it was a great picture mess with and apparently to gain traffic hits.  The fact that this picture got out there really affects the child BUT if that knowledge and disclosure can be shown to cause irrepratible harm to the child then the child has every grounds to sue.    So can this child after his nude picture has been splashed around the internet sue?  You know what a savvy lawyer might just be able to do that.  I don't know.  I do know that this kind of nonsense needs to stop.  A pedophile takes a  picture then posts it online gets caught and is convicted.  How is that anything different other than David has done but not been convicted but he is a pedophile none the less.  He is a pedophile!  He has breeched that little boy's privacy, invaded his privacy, mocked at his privacy and has been a total dickwad of a blogger.  But consider, just when David thinks life is treating him well he gets hit with a lawsuit and I think the statues of limitations in the US are rather legthy  for something like being a pedophile.  Now the little one that you had to draw attention to their genitial comes back to haunt you.  But that should be much of an issue give copyright infringement.


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