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Thursday, August 11, 2011


A week ago we officially sold our house and the following day officially bought our new house.   Everything with house sales work on a chain of action so one event has to be completed before the next event is completed so it can be long, drawn out and very stressful.  Then when the reality hits that everything is a done deal there is a bit of a let down followed by going into overdrive mode.  As a result I am about as distracted as I can get especially when it comes to blogging.  I sit down to blog then something, anything distracts me to go start to pack a box or clean out an cabinet but then I get a good though for blogging so bounce back.  And so it goes that I am bouncing back and forth between the two going from one distraction to the next.  I am getting things done with respect to blogging and packing but my gosh the distraction is really not a good thing!


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