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Monday, August 1, 2011

Judging Other Bloggers

I follow a couple of blog advertising forums.  Recently a question was asked as to what defines a blog.  You know what I am tired of these types of judgmental questions.  Every blogger has an idea and somewhat of a plan as to what direction they want to take their blog.  When that blogger signs up to a blog advertising program by default they agree to follow the terms of service (TOS).  The blog advertising program admin should enforce the TOS.  Members are encouraged to file complaints but quite frankly a) I am paying for my advertising,  b) I don't have the time and c) it ticks me off when I do spend my time complaining to see nothing done.  That means I have made the executive decision to not complain to admin and if I see these blogs still going against the TOS I will simply take my advertising dollars elsewhere.  The thing is admin needs to use more than one browser when testing blogs in the system.  Just because the problem is not showing up on one browser doesn't mean they aren't happening and given the amount of money I am paying into the system I am not about to start doing their job. 

Now in the forum where members can have their say, there are members voicing what they think constitutes a blog.  It is rather hypocritical to accuse another member of not having an actual 'blog' when in fact it is and when your own blog is nothing more than a make money site!  I'm really not happy about this.  If you don't like someone's blog don't visit or advertise it but you don't have the right to say someone's blog is not a blog.  If it is meeting their definition of a blog then move on if you don't like it.  You can block their ads or simply block their site from ever loading if you accidently click on their ad.  Making comments about other bloggers on forums, judging them behind their back is not cool and it won't gain you any bonus points in the blogoshpere.  What it will do it turn bloggers away which likely is not a good thing for blog advertising networks.  I'm just saying...


John said...

It's a blog if you publish content as posts. Having comments, a blogroll and RSS feed are nice features, but it's a blog with or without them.

What I don't like are blogs with no integrity or original content.

Garden Gnome said...

I agree with you that it is a blog with or without comments, blogroll and RSS feed providing the content is published as posts. Lack of original content is always a problem especially with bloggers more concerned about making money rather than actual blogging.

chubskulit said...

Very well said. A concern friend told me that some bloggers are talking behind my back in facebook but I did not waste time asking the blogger as I know I did not do anything wrong to them. If they want to talk about my blog so be it.

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