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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pop-Ups and Peel-Backs

I have noticed an increase in pop-ups and peel-backs on members blogs within some of the blog advertising networks.  I find these ads to be rather annoying.  At best they are an inconsiderate nuisance and at worst they cause loading issues or even cause the browser to crash.  I don't know of any blog advertising network that allows them and yet there they are.  I'd love to see both style of ads eliminated from any blog participating on a blog advertising network.  Oh sure you can report them which takes time and effort as well as being discouraging when seeing the complaint didn't solve the issue.  The worst part is the blogger can get their blog approved then place this type of ad on their blog where it will remain ticking off other members until the admin actually does something about it.  These ads are an ongoing problem not only for members but also for admin for this very reason.  I'm at the point of simply blocking these blogs.  They know the ads are not allowed and they know where to find the TOS yet ignore the TOS.  That translates into inconsideration and lack of respect for other members who visit their blogs!


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