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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Use Caution With StumbleUpon

I managed to pick up a persistent borderline stalker.  The person is usually not vocal or problematic but appears in my stats daily and occasionally sends me private email despite being asked not to contact me.  He follows me to every Yahoo group I participate in.  I'm sure he would follow me on Facebook and Twitter if he could actually find me on either something that is highly unlikely to ever happen.  What surprised me was getting an email from StumbleUpon saying this twirp is following me there.  So I went over to my privacy settings and guess what?  You cannot stop someone from following you on StumbleUpon.  This is just wrong!  In real life you have the option of interacting with those you want to and if someone is a problem there are restraining orders to keep that person away from you.  Twitter and Facebook allow you to be as private as you want to the point you can block those you don't want following you.  Blogger allows you to block other Blogger members from following your blog and if you really want you can take the blog into private mode where a reader needs a password or has to be pre-approved to read your blog.  StumbleUpon should not be allowing someone you don't want following you to follow without your permission.  Food for thought...


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