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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bidvertiser Rolls Out It's New Slider Ads

A little over a month ago Bidvertiser announced their new slider ads.  If running the Bidvertiser widget these ads will appear on your blog unless you have indicated not to show them.  While I haven't seen any of these ads myself yet, there are reports of the slider ads appearing on some blogs within the Adgitize ad network.  These ads, like peel backs and pop-up ads are of course against the Adgitize TOS.  In addition to that, some may find the slider ads that apparently are advertising 'hot singles' offensive.

In most cases the blogger is not aware of the Bidvertiser slider ads especially if they have not updated their blog in awhile.  It is common in the blogosphere to let blogging slide (no pun intended) when there are more pressing life matters to deal with.  It is also quite common to have several blog post scheduled to run while on vacation where there may not be internet access so the blogger has no way of checking their blog or even email.  So in fairness, some of these slider ads will slip through until the blogger notices them or are made aware of them.  Guaranteed the readers won't like it but if taken care of within a reasonable time it should be fine.


John said...

I'm surprised anyone still trusts Bidvertiser. It isn't right how they sneak anti-social ads onto blogs. First pop-ups, then sliders :-(

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