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Monday, September 26, 2011

Digital Cameras

I rely heavily on digital images for my blogs.  I started out with a small Fuji digital that held 15 pictures with no flash then moved to a Fuji with a flash then two Canons and now my Panasonic Lumix (10x optical zoom).  As a point a click camera the Panasonic is lovely.  It has a metal case rather than plastic and takes rather nice quality photos.  BUT when we were shopping for my husband's new laptop I spotted a couple of SLR camera that I know are cheaper than what we paid for the Panasonic.  The thing is a new digital camera is not on my 'want to purchase' list just yet not because we can't afford a new camera but because I am rather attached to my Panasonic.  It does precisely what I want and it does it well.  We have a spare back-up Canon digital.  Now, my husband who is an award winning photographer hobbyist would love playing with an SLR digital camera.  I can't say I wouldn't like playing with one either ...


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