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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Horrid Start to My Blogging Day

Oh good gosh!  Have you ever had one of those days where you would like to chuck every piece of computer equipment out the window then go out and buy new?  Well this morning I was dealing with that very temptation. Normally I am blogging from my Mac but when traveling or on vacation I use my husband's Toshiba (Windows XP) laptop.  The thing is getting to be slow but I have a plan of buying a new laptop for my husband's office, possibly taking my iMac to our vacation home while replacing it with a new iMac and after this morning giving his old laptop to the grandkids to play with.

I've encountered so many problems this morning that it really is more like a comedy of errors.  First the router wasn't working properly so I did a direct connect to troubleshoot.  After getting connected, Adgitize was very slow and the games I play daily on Facebook still won't load even though they worked fine on the laptop previously.  Then there's the Photoshop issue.  I had PSE 8.0 and PSE 9.0 trial versions on the laptop but needed to buy a license to continue using them.  I was going to buy online for $99 but Walmart, according to their site, had PSE 9.0 for $69 but when we got there it was $90.  Still, I saved $9 so can't complain.  I uninstalled both copies of PSE that took forever to complete and installed the new copy of PSE 9.0.  Then I emptied the recycle bin and ran AVG for the third time in two days.  I know I should check the disk clean-up and then do a defrag but there are three more programs I think can be uninstalled except I want to confirm with him that he isn't using them.  I moved my blog folder from the laptop to a portable stick just to free up a bit of room.  I will be going through this computer with a fine tooth comb to get it back to the way it should be.

In the meantime it is now almost 2 PM and I am well behind on my blogging!  After dinner I think we are going to make the trip back to the store where we saw a laptop for an excellent price.  Then I may even do an Office Space move and bust the snot out of this computer.  The whole thought of doing so at least gave me a chuckle!  Off to do a bit of blogging.


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