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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Big Mac Clean-up

About 90% of my online activity is done on my iMac.  Unlike a Windows based PC, the iMac removes a lot of the online security issues but it is not without it's own issues.  My iMac started slowing down but because I was using about the most horrible internet service available (Xplornet) I blamed the slow down on the service.  Now where I really noticed a huge slow down was after the move when we got real high speed DSL.  Don't get me wrong as the majority of the problems were due to Xplornet but it was clear that my iMac needed a little TLC.

I was trying to blog the other day and spent more  time looking at the pizza wheel than I did blogging.  The pizza wheel is the system trying to work and sometimes it results in an unresponsive program to the point the program needs to be forced quit then restarted.  After about five Camino crashes while writing a post I decided to trouble shoot.  Ok, so I'm a packrat keeping way more files than I need but that shouldn't be an issue as I also have an external hard drive.  Yesterday I bought macTuneUp then installed it and within a few clicks my iMac was feeling much better.  Then I checked out Adobe Settings Manager and oh my gosh, obviously there must have been a conflict as I went through all the websites listed either reducing what they could store on my computer or deleting them entirely and all of a sudden my iMac was in tip top shape!  Blogging will be a lot easier without seeing that pizza wheel :)


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