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Sunday, October 2, 2011

The End Draws Nigh for CMF Ads

I checked CMF Ads yesterday.  Both spikes and firework ads have been disabled.  What I did notice is once the ads scheduled to run on my blogs were finished the house ads automatically started which seems a rather moot point.  Why run ads advertising an ad network that is closing down?  Any balance over $1 is to be paid out if requested before October 23 but the payment is not immediate.  It will be paid sometime between the 23rd and October 30.  The nice thing is there will be no PayPal fees on the payout but there is still the 10% tax.

Some bloggers are quite concerned over finding a replacement for CMF Ads.  The main replacements if using Adsense are: Project Wonderful and Adgitize.  A possible replacements if using Adsense is Entrecard but it may get you into trouble.  If you are not using Adsense then Expose Your Blog may be a good choice.  It is quite similar to the old Blog Explosion and you might even get a bit of traffic from BE if it is still up and running.  I have checked lately.  Ben from CMF Ads recommended Bloggeries, a paid blog directory.  It starts at $49.99 then quickly rises in price.  The question is whether it will deliver the traffic or not.  There is a forum so I might check it out and do a bit of research on their ability to deliver traffic.

I am not going to look for an immediate replacement for CMF Ads.  We just recently moved, have been on vacation, and need to get settled before the holiday season approaches.  Goodness, it's hard to believe that our Canadian Thanksgiving is only 8 days away!  Another reason I am not looking for an immediate replacement is many of the blog advertising networks have come and gone in the six years I've been blogging.  Some of the free ones like Blog Rush and 125Exchange just disappeared.  Some of the paid blog advertising networks have failed to deliver or decided to call it quits (eg. CMF Ads).  I know I definitely do not want to pay high dollars for blog advertising that doesn't perform or folds up before I get my money's worth.


John said...

Hi GG, spikes are still running. I'm using spikes to spend my remaining balance.

The house ad is a bit pointless. Ben ought to replace it with an ad for his own blog. I'm sure no-one would mind.

I've not hear of Expose Your Blog and never used Blog Explosion. How do they work?

I think Ben has only recommended the free Bloggeries forum as a place for old CMF members to chat. I much prefer Ben's new development though, Floor15 :-)

As I mentioned before I'm planning to use Project Wonderful. I don't expect to earn a fortune. As long as I earn a few dollars to buy ads on other blogs I'll be happy :-)

Garden Gnome said...

Hey John, I just joined Floor15. There seems to be a lot of folk from CMF there so I'm looking forward to staying in touch.

Both BlogExplosion and Exposure Your Blog would be considered traffic exchanges by Adsense but if you aren't using Adsense they can bring a bit of nice traffic. EYB is just borderline though as you can buy traffic without participating and they do have a lot of options available. It's run by a fellow blogger I met years ago on Entrecard.

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