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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hit or Miss Blogging

My gosh!  I didn't realize I had run out of scheduled posts for this blog which just goes to show how chaotic things are with getting settled into our new home.  Blogging has become rather hit or miss.  I either get a stretch of two or three hours to do online work in a day or get no time.  There doesn't seem to be an in between.  There have been utility installers, repairmen and we have hosted three large events since moving in.  Today, a good friend of ours who does custom carpentry is installing a custom made medicine cabinet and mirror trim in the upper bathroom as well as a custom made shelf for some of my cookbooks in the kitchen.  I thought I would get a bit of blogging done while they worked but then a friend dropped by for coffee so there went that plan.  The worst part is I'm running out of blog fodder for a couple of my blogs.

There is little to do in the gardens other than a bit of clean-up which really isn't all that interesting to talk about on my gardening blog.  So, I'm talking about houseplants and indoor gardening.  I've been keeping the cooking simple and we are still in eating out mode meaning I am scraping the bottom of the barrel finding something to blog about on my cooking blog.   On the other hand I have copious amount of blog fodder for my homemaking blog but not enough time to get blog posts.  Here's hoping things get settled down quickly so I can get a bit more blogging time in!


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