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Monday, October 31, 2011

Holidays and Special Days

When I first started blogging I tried to acknowledge every special day and holiday.  I even made custom made graphics and animations for some of them.  Now, I don't do that much.  The reason being aside of Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving we don't celebrate much and even those celebrations are low keyed.  We don't celebrate birthdays and anniversaries in a big way even the milestones.  That is reflected in my blogs.  I always pay tribute to Remembrance Day and Canada Day but on some of my blogs it is also low keyed. 

I honestly cannot believe how much time and effort some bloggers have put into the spirit of Hallowe'en.  They have decorated their blogs, blogged about everything Hallowe'en related possible and some of them will likely win a municipal award for best dressed house of the season.  Me -> I did nothing on my blogs for Hallowe'en but I did put up a few removable stickers on our windows.  I have a costume that I may or may not actually wear and I managed to remember to buy candy to give out.  Two houses ago we got at most 10 trick-or-treaters and last house a whole 4!  Apparently here according to the neighbours we should get about 100 so I'm prepared but aside of one blog I likely won't blog about it at all.  I did blog about our Thanksgiving (October 10) but just barely.

Do you blog about holidays and special days or do you just continue blogging as normal?


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