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Saturday, October 8, 2011

How Long Do You Spend Composing a Blog Post?

My non-blogging friends are always asking questions about my blogging.  One common question and the subject of many a conversation is "how long do you spend composing a blog post?"  The answer to that varies greatly for me.  If I am on a roll with a lot of good blog fodder it takes be fifteen minutes or less to write a blog post.  That timing usually applies if I have a number of edited images ready to blog about or something has happened that is fresh in my mind that I want to blog about it immediately.  On the other hand I have had days where it really has taken me much of the day to finish a blog post because of distractions or blogger's block.  Then there are the posts I've started and didn't complete.  Those happen sometimes especially when the thought was a good one at the time but the post itself wasn't.  So how long do you spend composing a blog post?


John said...

I normally spend 15 minutes composing a photo post including editing the image. Maybe up to 30 minutes if I have something interesting to say...

However I can spend hours writing a programming post if you include research, checking references, emailing people, etc. I probably have a few post which have taken 10 hours plus!

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