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Friday, October 7, 2011

September Was Brutal on Blogging

I started of 2011 with the high hopes of writing one blog post per day for each of my six blogs.  On average if each blog post takes 15 minutes this would be a time commitment of on and a half hours daily.  In reality when I'm on a blogging roll I can easily write eight or more posts in a day meaning that some of the extra posts could be scheduled to go live at a later date.  So the good days ideally would make up for the days that I don't feel like blogging or can't blog.  What I didn't consider was the disruption that moving would make.

The house was on the market about eighteen months before it sold.  Showing the house took it's toll but the actual moving period was worse because actual internet access was affected, as in we went six days at the new house without any internet and spent on very short periods of time each day at the old house.  What I did was write a few blog posts and edited pictures during my down time so I could do a cut and paste during the very short periods of internet access I had throughout the move.  Then to make matters a bit more interesting we left for our vacation home on September 19, only four days after of official closing date for our new house even though we were able to move in two weeks earlier.

September was just a brutal month for blogging all the way around.  The thing is there really was nothing I could do about it other than adjust as best as possible.  All in all, it could have been worse.  Now that we are back home from our vacation home, I'm looking forward to settling into our new house as well as getting back to a bit of a routine!


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