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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Ever Present Spam Folder

Very few can get away without having a spam folder on their email account.  If you have any kind of online presence you have spam.  Spam arises from spammers deliberately harvesting your email address.  As soon as you use your email address it's out there.  We tend to keep our email address through our ISP offline as in not used on forms unless we know who we are dealing with.  The problem is some businesses sell their email lists while innocent friends or family hit reply to all without hiding the email address so despite the best of intentions, a private email address does get out there for spammers.  With any luck though, your primary email address through your ISP can be kept relatively spam free. 

For most online activity I use Yahoo and Mail.com both of which have nice, customizable spam filters.  Even Blogger has nice spam filtering abilities for comments.  The problem with spam filters is sometimes they catch false positives meaning a message gets marked as spam and is diverted to your spam filter even though it is not spam.  It is important to go through your spam folder on occasion just to be sure.  Remove any message that is not spam and delete the rest.  I find it easier if I don't let the spam folder get much more than 100 messages which takes about a week on Yahoo.  Simply deleting the spam folder without scanning through it could mean you miss good blogging opportunities as advertising offers are quite often diverted to your spam folder.


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