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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Monetizing Your Life

I came across a rather interesting question while bloghopping a couple of days ago.  The question was "Is it right to monetize your life?" obviously meaning via blogging but not really clear.  There are a couple of problems with question with the first being anytime the word 'should' is used it becomes an ethical or moral issue.  The second problem is ever since mankind came to be humans have been selling themselves in one or more ways - physically, emotionally, intellectually.  The workforce depends on the selling of manual and/or intellectually abilities.  The employee sells his/her services while the employer buys these abilities.  It's a commodity all based on supply and demand!  So let's assume the person asking the question was implying earning money from a blog that talks about your daily life, your kids, your family and you know the things you feel like blogging about.

Well here, in my opinion the waters get a bit muddied and yet making money from your 'life events' is not a new concept either.  If it were, all those nice afternoon talk shows (eg. Jerry Springer, Oprah, and etc.) would never have become a hit.  The people sharing on those types of shows certainly were not doing it out of the kindness of their hearts.  They were compensated and quite generously in many cases.  If selling your life story that ultimately includes parts of your daily life were not acceptable, autobiographies would not exist.  The tabloids wouldn't exist and the paparazzi who revel in revealing ever single little detail about the lives of the rich and famous would be out of a job.  This past year I was following the Casey Anthony trial, a very sad case that will at some point go to print with one or more of those involved profiting from telling their story and you can bet it will be rather down to the daily comings and goings leading upto and after the death of little Caley Anthony.  People have a natural, almost morbid curiosity about the lives of others because it makes their lives seem not quite so bad. 

In light of that, bloggers who blog about tidbits of their lives and receive a little and I do mean little compensation for it are doing nothing wrong as long as they are doing so in good taste.  The only ones that bother me are some of the mommy bloggers who really are exploiting their kids with current pictures of them posted almost daily which has the potential for further exploitation via those who wish to do harm.  Other than that, saying we stopped here for dinner then writing a mini critique can be rather benign.  On the other hand there is the issue of too much information such as blogging you are away from home or home alone.  If you want to blog about these type of things it's best to blog about them after the fact.

The bottom line is I don't feel that monetizing your life via a blog is wrong depending on how it is done.  Using your blog to exploit others for financial gain is ethically, morally and may even be legally wrong but that is a whole other issue...


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