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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Power of Blogging

As a blogger we have a lot more potential at reaching a wider audience then ever imaginable.  In fact our audience is worldwide.  This comes with great responsibility but at the same time can be put to good use to find missing children, capture criminals, and even out shady business deals.  I purposely have an Amber Alert ticker on two of my blogs for missing and exploited children.  Blogger can have raised funds for charity events, spread the word about events others are interested in and served to warn others of devious or unethical practices all for nothing.  Bloggers don't get paid to do this, they do so simply because they love blogging and quite frankly the blog fodder doesn't hurt either. 

On a personal note I seriously detest telemarketers so I have no problem blogging about them.  A few months ago and despite blocking every number they used Centennial Windows got through once again.  I called them back, blocking my number to tell them I was on the Don't Call List aka joke of a list by the CRTC, reamed them out without giving my phone number, filed a complaint with the CRTC then blogged about it complete with their phone numbers.  Hmm, a couple of days later and checking my stats I noticed the CRTC had been poking around but we haven't had a call from them since.  Today, I walked to the grocery store.  I am making a point to find some excuse to walk daily so anyway on the way back I dang near got ran over by a lady texting while driving.  That is illegal in Ontario.  The next time this happens and there will be a next time because some people feel they are above the law I am seriously going to blog their license plate number!  Perhaps through the power of blogging there will be less telemarketers and idiots, not likely but it could happen ;)


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