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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Reported Entrecard Problems

Close on the heels of CMFAds closing down, many bloggers are reporting a lot of problems with Entrecard.  They either can't log in to their accounts or the widget is showing connection errors.  One comment I read said the owners of Entrecard didn't care.  Well, why should they?  Let's think about it, Graham aka Asshat  aka diaper boy came so bloody close to losing Entrecard a little over three years ago.  I left Entrecard during that fiasco and haven't looked back.  The problem is Entrecard has always been a glorified traffic exchange meaning it is quite contrary to Adsense TOS.  It still is and is definitely grounds to get your Adsense account cancelled.  But Entrecard with it's 300 drop per day policy in order to get the most hits back to your account is mind numbing, robotic like traffic driving, let's increase our bounce rate traffic.  Quite frankly three years ago I was routing for Graham to go belly up but these new investors who seem to know nothing about blogging took over so they have managed to keep Entrecard afloat long enough to milk a bit of money off of bloggers so now they don't give a hoot.  They've made their money and it's time to move on.  I feel sorry for the bloggers relying on Entrecard for traffic but in reality their time would be best spent elsewhere.  There are so many ways to build blog traffic without the time commitment of Entrecard so I don't understand why other bloggers don't use them.  Ah well, at least Entrecard is not my problem.


BrSpiritus said...

Entrecard has been a pain in nether regions for a long time now and I dropped them back in November. Sure my pageviews took a hit but my bounce rate improved drastically. They seem to be on autopilot now and I also hear adgitize is closing as well. Guess it's back to writing quality articles to drive traffic rather than relying on gimmicks.

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