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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shake it Off

We bought our first computer, an Amstrad in 1989 shortly after I started university as an adult student.  Our kids were well versed using computers but not us and I refused to give up my electric typewriter in favour of the fancy new word processor.  It wasn't long before I ran into a course where computer use was mandatory so I struggled learning the ropes of Pine, Archie, saving files and that type of thing.  It was bad enough on the computers in the library with black screens and green text but the Macs in the computer lab were a whole new ball game.  Meanwhile at home I began to do a bit more experimenting on the Amstrad, discovering a whole new world via Internet in a Box.  Back then even the chat rooms and newsgroups were kinder and gentler but trolls did exist.  Fast forward to current times and trolls are everywhere with newsgroups and forums over run with them.  Surprisingly they have spilled over to blog comments as well.

The recommendation is to have contact information on your blog so a reader can contact you should they wish not to leave a comment.  I fail to see why someone would prefer to contact you privately but I can see a benefit with respect to advertisers and special offers.  The problem is some use your contact information simply to send a nasty message simply because they can and the fact is some people feel they can be as nasty as they want online because no one can do anything about it.  My blogs are not controversial enough to attract much in the way of nasty comments but I've heard some bloggers have a real problem with this type of thing especial those writing about religion or politics.

There's a saying on newsgoups - Don't Feed the Trolls!  The best response to these types of comments is no response.  If there is no response the troll quickly moves on to pester someone else.  Shake it off and don't let it bother you.  Put the comment in the trash where it belongs.  If at any time a commenter becomes agressive or threatening, report them to their ISP.  You can usually track them down via your stats.


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