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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What Happens to a Blog When the Blog Author Passes Away?

Life happens so it goes without saying that sometimes a blogger (blog author) passes away so what happens to their blog?  Technically, unless there are extreme circumstances and even if there are the blog host does not have to remove the blog.  A couple of years ago I came across a blogger who had committed suicide.  It was a very sad case.  She had blogged about her emotional pain right up to the point of death.  Despite pleas from her family, the blog host refused to take down the blog.  The reason being unless the blogger gives direct authorization in the even of their death or has left the login information with a trusted friend or family member, the blog host does not have the right to remove the blog providing it is following the TOS. 

The easiest way for a blogger to deal with this issue if he or she wants their blogs removed is to leave detailed instructions complete with the login information with a trusted friend, family member or lawyer who can either delete the blog or set it to private for family members only.  I will stress trusted as I know of one case where the blog was to be deleted upon death but the person trusted with this task actually took Otherwise the blog remains as is, simply not being updated.  At some point, readership will drop to zero but that is no guarantee especially if there is good content that warrants the attention of search engines.  In short, the blog simply becomes part of the vast number of blogs in the blogosphere that have died off for any number of reasons including being abandoned. 


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