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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Adgitize to Close Down

On the heels of CMFAds closing down in October of this year, I was once again saddened to get the email from Adgitize saying they were closing down effective December 27.   Ads will no longer be accepted after that date.  Publishers expecting a payout will receive it on the normal schedule (about Jan 7) and those using the credit system will receive a payout as well.  There is a $5 processing fee for those requesting a cheque but no charge for using PayPal.  Those running advertising that expires after January 15 will receive a prorated refund.  All services through Adgitize will cease as of January 31.


John said...

I'm not really a fan of Adgitize, but it's sad to see another service for bloggers disappear.

Unfortunately some of these services are too busy keeping bloggers happy rather than building a service that's attractive to big advertisers...

Garden Gnome said...

I liked both CMFAds and Adgitize but could not handle Entrecard and just tolerated BlogExplosion. One of the biggest problems is that both of these services allowed members to take out more than they paid in. Advertisers understood this problem but those just out to make money off their blogs didn't and they constantly found ways to take advantage. I think the widget based advertising is going by the wayside. Bloggers are either going to have to pay for advertising with no expectation of a return other than traffic or they are going to have to do a bit of old fashioned traffic building.

The problem they face with attracting big advertisers is even with a high membership, total traffic over the blogs tends to be low giving them a poor return on their advertising dollars.

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