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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Building Traffic Without Blog Advertising Networks

With the news of Adgitize closing I had a bit of a panic moment.  I have already seen my blog traffic decrease with CMFAds closing and have no desire to go back to Entrecard.  So I am left with a bit of old school traffic building to do for my blogs.  Surprisingly there are many ways to build traffic that do not rely of blog advertising networks.  Some are better than others and all take a bit of work but so did the blog advertising networks.

I've been blogging for over six years and now author six fairly successful blogs.  Here are a few ways I build traffic for my blogs:

  • traffic exchanges - BlogExplosion, Expose Your Blog and other traffic exchanges can get you some rather descent blog traffic.  They can open the door to a large audience beyond the blogosphere giving you a good increase in readership.  The only caveat is do NOT use a traffic exchange if you are using Adsense as that is against their TOS.
  • social networking - Facebook, Twitter, Digg and StumbleUpon are wonderful ways to meet other bloggers while promoting your own blog(s).  Add your RSS feed to Twitter and Facebook so your friends will see each time you update your blog.
  • directories - Submit your blog(s) to every directory possible.   The only caveat here is do NOT submit your blog url to a directory that has a lower PR rating than your blog.
  • magazines/newspapers - Anytime you get a chance to share your blog url with a magazine or newspaper, do so.  I submitted one of my blog urls to our local radio station and saw an increase in traffic immediately because local folk tend to support local folks.
  • business cards - It is quite easy and inexpensive to make business cards using nothing more than your computer and printer.  Be sure to put the url of your blog(s) on your card.  Hand out your business card as well as place it on business bulletin boards.  Some establishments hold a monthly business card draw so it is a good way to get a bit of traffic to your blog using an old fashioned business building method.
  • ping your blog(s) -  With the demise of two of the best blog advertising networks it is very important to ping you blog each time you add content.  This will ensure that the search engines continue sending organic traffic your way.


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