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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Free Wi-Fi

I have heard of a disturbing trend that spells the end to free Wi-Fi at US airports.  Apparently you have to create an account on the new Wi-Fi Boingo system that costs as low as $1.99 for 15 minutes to $7.95 for one 24 hour period of access or setting up a monthly subscription for $9.95.  It used to be totally free meaning the time spent waiting for delayed plans could be put to good use by blogging and doing other online activities at the airport.  I think it is ridiculous for them to charge for Wi-Fi service in the airports.  It isn't like you are there long enough to use enough bandwidth for any charge.  Even though what time package you buy through can be used at any airport using the Boingo system as well as on any airline using the system during flight, it is not worth the price for the average, vacation style traveler.  Is this a sign of what Wi-Fi hotspots are migrating to?

The truckstops all have Wi-Fi but there has been and $8.95 daily charge for quite some time.  Marinas in our area charge the same daily rate for Wi-Fi but many of the local restaurants surrounding the marinas remain free.  The going daily rate for internet access in your motel room in Las Vegas is $12.95 which is expensive but there are still places like Krispy Kreme and Starbucks that offer free Wi-Fi.

Free Wi-Fi was a courtesy businesses extended to their customers as an incentive to get them to linger a bit longer, translating into buying more of their product.  The airports don't have to worry about this though because let's face it you are captive like it or not until your plane boards.  Whether you are happy about a delay or not is not really their concern.  If you don't buy internet access of which they likely make a bit of money if you do, you will likely buy something at one of the restaurants or stores in the terminal.  The airport has no incentive to attract you to fly into or out of their terminals because that is conveniently determined by your proximity to their location.  In short, the airports have absolutely no reason to offer free Wi-Fi, much to the dismay of the regular, vacation type of traveler.  

However, according I did do a bit of research to find that even though the pay as you go Wi-Fi is becoming the norm in airports, even in major airports using Boingo, there is still free Wi-Fi available.  Our past year's experience being in five major airports does not support this as we were only able to get free Wi-Fi in one of them earlier in the year so by not that has likely changed as well.  This means that my blogging while waiting to board planes when traveling to and from our vacation home are pretty much over.  If we were delayed, we would sit in one of the airport pubs enjoying a snack or two as well as a couple of drinks while watching the free television.  We would check for free Wi-Fi but if it wasn't available I would simply wait to find a free Wi-Fi en route or until we arrived at our destination where I know I would have high speed internet.


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