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Friday, December 9, 2011

Responsibility As a Blogger

Do bloggers have a responsibility as a blogger?  The simple answer is YES!   I think when bloggers start blogging they really don't think of the responsibility that comes with blogging.  There is actually a blogger's code of ethics.  Many new bloggers don't realize this.  It does tick me off sometimes when I see paid posts that are only about making the money without any regard to the ethics at all.  They don't care whether they are blatantly lying or thinly veiling the fact that they know anything about the product they are blogging about.

As a blogger, you do have a responsibility to your readers.  If you are doing a paid post or being paid in any manner, you have the responsibility to include full disclosure as well as write the post in a truthful manner.  If you don't have experience with the product, don't write about it!  While you can basically write anything you want, you should not slander as that could get you into hot water.  You have a responsibility to not promote hatred or promote illegal activity of any kind.  In fact, the latter two are part of the TOS for all blogging platforms.  You have a responsibility to not interfere with the rights of others to enjoy the internet.  Doing so is against the AUP of all ISPs.  This means you should not use your blog to stalk, harass, attack or otherwise negatively affect another person via your blog(s).  You have a responsibility to ensure your blog remains free of malware, viruses, and harmful scripts.  If you find any of this type of thing on your blog you have a responsibility to disable the blog and fix the problem before allowing it to go live again.  If you accept advertising on your blog you have a responsibility to both your advertisers and readers.  Be sure to include a disclaimer notifying your readers that you are being paid in some fashion by displaying the ads.  You have a responsibility to your advertisers to promote your blog in such a fashion as to get them the best possible exposure for their ads without inflating traffic.


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