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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Setting Up a Laptop

My husband bought a new laptop on our last visit to our vacation home so I get his old laptop to use mainly at the vacation home.  It is an older Toshiba that is a bit sluggish but still suitable for blogging and doing any online activity I need to do when there.  That will eliminate having to cart a laptop when we fly.

He removed anything he did not need on the old laptop then I set about cleaning it up a bit removing programs no longer needed.  I updated AVG then ran a full computer scan, ran a few updates and installed Google Chrome.  I really like using Camino at home on my Mac but also use Safari so was using Safari on the old laptop but Chrome is quickly becoming my browser of choice.  I bought a copy of Photoshop Elements 9 and installed it for editing my photos.  It is not as advanced as the Photoshop CS I'm used to working with but will be fine for what I need for blogging.  So far so good.  The old laptop is running smooth all be it a little slower than the new one but that's to be expected.


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