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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Using Facebook to Promote Your Blog

Some bloggers are using Facebook to promote their blogs.  There are three ways to do this.  First, set an RSS feed into your Facebook news feed.  Each time you update your blog and notice goes into your news feed for your friends to see.  I do this but my Facebook is set to only friends and family.  They tend to stop by my blogs anyways so for me Facebook isn't really promoting my blogs much.  The second way to promote your blog on Facebook is to create a page.  The link is at the bottom of the news feed page.  They do move the link around though so you may have to look for it.   The third way to promote your blog is advertise through them.  It does cost money but you can determine how much you want to spend daily.  You can do a full campaign with a set budget, pay for impressions (CPM) or pay for clicks (CPC) as well as target your audience.  I have not advertised with Facebook so I cannot say how effective it is.  It does appear to be less expensive than advertising though Adwords though and given Facebook has a large following it would be reasonable to speculate that a well orchestrated advertising campaign would give rather decent results.


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