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Monday, January 2, 2012

Adgitize and Duplicate Content

Duplicate content for the most part is frowned on by Google and for good reason.  Google defines duplicate content as being pretty much the exact same content whether it is on one or more or your blogs or on someone else's blog.  There are concession though for using YouTube videos, free graphics and that type of thing but for the most part the actual commentary should be your own.  Adgitize took this concept a bit further in that no duplicate content should be used.  This was a problem for me as I author six blogs so tend to use the same tone and verbage  AND I tend to connect my blogs so if Im talking about cooking I may mention something in my gardening blog and visa versa.  For the most part this was not a huge problem and I managed to adjust.  What was a problem is duplicate content such as the custom created graphics I use for holidays where simply using the same graphic would be desirable without any commentary necessary.  I suppose I could have changed the alt tag each time.  Why should this have mattered to Adgitize?

Adgitize actually gave 100 credits for one blog post daily that were converted to a cash value.  In short, they saw this as paying the blogger for the post so quality was demanded and they had a right to warn the blogger if necessary.  Google does not pay bloggers for their posts directly so really doesn't care what you post providing it is not duplicate content as in cutting and pasting from one source to your blog.  What I found interesting is although Adgitize was against duplicate content, there was no disclaimer that the blogger was being paid for the post was required because it was not classified as a paid to post site.

Adgitize taught me that it is acceptable to use duplicate content in the form of YouTube videos and graphics providing I wrote unique commentaries each time I used the duplicate content on my blogs.  This actually was a valuable lesson.  The search engines will see the image or video as duplicate but the commentary (bulk of the post) is considered new content.  That's a good thing, one that will keep your blog(s) being noticed by the search engines.  I still occasionally use the same video or graphic across one or more of my blogs but I am careful to write a unique commentary for each blog when I do so.  Adgitize was right in that any slight duplicate content is offset by adding unique content.


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