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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Blog Advertising

There are two main forms of blog advertising, paid or free falling under the categories of graphic (eg. banners, badges) and text (eg. backlinks, text ads).  Have you ever heard the adage don't put all your eggs in one basket?  Well that adage applies to advertising as well.  We have had a successful family owned and operated business for 30 years as of this coming February.  From experience I know that it is imperative to use a combination of advertising methods while building good will by providing a top notch, professional service.  The same is true when it comes to blog advertising.  You cannot use only one blog advertising method and expect to build good traffic.  Instead you should use a multitude of blog advertising methods (eg. banners, badges, text) across a variety of mediums (eg. directories, social media, blog advertising networks, forums, newsgroups, newsletters).  It is the only effective way to consistently build good quality traffic for your blog.


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