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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Credits for Posting

There are distinct paid to post services that will pay you a set amount of money to make a post on your blog.  As blog advertising networks go, the only one that I am aware of that rewarded you for posting and it did not matter what you posted, was Adgitize.  Essentially, regardless of how many blogs you had, as long as you made one post daily you received 100 credits per day.  Those credits were later translated in real money so effectively Adgitize was paying bloggers to blog.  Unlike paid to post services, no disclaimer that you were being paid was required with Adgitize.  Any time any form of payment is made for an actual blog post there it is problematic.

Paid posts are problematic from the get go because you have someone blogging about a product or service they more than likely have no experience with.  The posts come across as phoney and they cheapen the blog reducing the credibility of the author.  However, with Adgitize this was very much hush, hush.  Blog and you get paid.  There was no obvious topic to blog about, no selling of goods, just a simple reward for blogging.  How would this hurt the blogosphere?  Well, the bottom line is some of the members in Adgitize blogged simply to get that 100 points or about 10¢ per day.  The quality wasn't there and those interested in only making money posted daily just to be able to get that money with no regard to what they were posting.  In many ways, Adgitize contributed towards a downward trend in the quality of posts throughout the blogosphere even though it was short term and limited to members only.  At the same time they were a top notch, stellar service that will be sorely missed but I really do think part of their downfall was rewarding bloggers for doing something they were going to do anyway, blog.


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