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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Effectiveness of Blog Advertising Networks

I have participated in several blog advertising networks since I started blogging in 2006.  I've used blog advertising networks and quite frankly have not been impressed with the retainership of readers.  Once the blog advertising network ceases operations, there goes your traffic and readership from them.  Here is a brief run down of my experiences:

  • BlogExplosion - This was my first blog advertising network that was basically a traffic exchange.  I was active in BE until last year.  I met many bloggers there and while I saw a few participating in other blog advertising networks, retainership of readers was basically nil.
  • BlogRush - This was a nice little blog advertising network that brought me a bit of traffic but then it suddenly closed so the traffic dried up.
  • Spottt - This blog advertising network was based on a 125 x 125 widget.  It fizzled out early in the game of blog advertising widgets but I did get the occasional hit from it.
  • The Beer Widget - Sorry, I can't even remember what the beer widget was called and it fizzled out so fast it really isn't worth mentioning.  I got no traffic from it.
  • 125Exchange - This was another blog advertising network based on the 125 x 125 ad widget.  I had a really bad experience with this one as suddenly I wasn't getting hits to find my info had accidently been deleted then the owner messed it up putting the information back in which explains why the service is now defunct!
  • Entrecard - I was very active in Entrecard up to the point of the Graham fiasco when it was finally sold, about 3 years.  At that time, I did get nice traffic but only because I was dropping 300 cards plus per day.  I walked away from EC in 2009, returned once as advertiser only for one months and have not been back.  The quality of traffic was always poor with a high bounce rate and retainership of readers even after all that daily work was pretty much nil.
  • CMFAds - This was a very nice, widget based blog advertising network that closed in October of 2011.  It offered a variety of advertising including spikes (guaranteed number of hits).  It was quite an effective blog advertising network, with a retainership of readers at about .5%.
  • Adgitize - This was another nice widget based blog advertising network that suddenly closed in December of 2011.  Time will tell what the retainership of readers will be but I suspect it to be about .5% as well.  I was averaging about 60 readers per day through Adgitize.
  • Project Wonderful - Surprisingly I don't talk about PW as much as I should.  It has been a rather good blog advertising network that while I run ads for others, I seldom run ads for my own blogs.  I have ran a few advertising campaigns there without a lot of success.  With the loss of CMFAds and Adgitize, I will likely try doing a bit of advertising on PW.


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