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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year and may it be a wonderful blogging year! 

I suspect there will be a few blogging hurdles to overcome in 2012.  In October of 2011 the blogosphere lost CMFAds and in December it lost Adgitize leaving only Entrecard and Expose Your Blog as blog advertising resources for higher traffic.  There are other advertising resources for bloggers but they are not geared towards mainly bloggers.  The blogosphere is changing and so it should.  Those coming into blogging thinking it would be a cash cow are quickly realizing .  I think 2012 will be almost a weeder year with respect to blogging much like the second year of university.  Those who have established good blogging habits who have put in the time and effort necessary for successful blog(s) likely won't notice much of an effect from losing these two blog advertising networks.  However, those not using good blogging habits and new bloggers are going to have a tougher go of it. 

I'm looking forward to blogging in 2012.  Sure it will be more challenging especially with respect to building traffic but I don't think it will be as difficult as it appears.  In the end, the traffic gained without these blog advertising networks may be higher quality traffic (eg. lower bounce rate, longer visit time).  And so a new blogging year begins...


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