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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oh Good Gawd!

The recent closing of two major players in the blog advertising networks (CMFAds, October 2011; Adgitize. December 2001) has created a bit of a backlash in comment spam.  I guess everyone is trying to make up the traffic they lost via comments but I'm telling you comment spam is not the way to go about it.  I take a very hardline against comment spam!  First, all comments across my six blogs are moderated meaning they will not go live unless I approve them.  Second, if you make a comment and it does not get posted that is one heck of a clear indication to you that it was comment spam.  That is also a good indication that if I were in a pissy mood your would have been reported for comment spam.  Third, if you make a comment and it appears on my blog(s) sans links that means I considered your comment borderline comment spam but gave you the benefit of a doubt so left the comment without links.  Finally if your comment appears on my blog(s) with no modification that means you are commenting appropriately and I welcome communication with you.  Which category would you like to be in?


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