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Friday, January 6, 2012

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is a concept that many bloggers fail to realize the importance of.  However, organic traffic can be the kind of traffic that determines the success of a blog.  Organic traffic arises through search engines and advertising but of these traffic coming from search engines is the most important.  When a person types the query into a search engine, they already have an interest in that particular topic.  If you have blogged about that topic and your blog article appears in the search results, there is a greater chance of that person visiting your blog.  If the article is interesting and your blog is nicely presented, there is a very good chance that visitor will bookmark your blog to visit again.  From one simple search result you may easily gain a loyal reader and if they really enjoy your blog they will share your blog url with their friends or even link to your blog.  That is why organic traffic from search engines is so important.

Organic traffic can also come from using banners and badges to advertise your blog.  This is not the same as traffic that comes from using banners and badges on blog advertising networks where members are expected to view other members' blogs.  Rather this is traffic that comes from a reader seeing your badge or banner on another blog then clicking to visit simply because the banner or badge appeals to them.  This is why a well designed banner and badge is very important in building organic traffic.

Finally, organic traffic can come from backlinks.  If you leave a comment on another blog and a reader likes what you had to say, there is a good chance they will visit your blog.  If another blogger lists your blog under blogs they enjoy or better still, blogs about your blog there is a good chance you will get a bit of organic traffic.  When building traffic always focus on the organic traffic first!


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