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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The PR Slap

It is a brand new year so I decided to check on the page rank for my blogs.  Well imagine my surprise when one of them dropped to 0!  I'm not kidding.  The thing is I have done nothing different.  The blog gets good traffic, is still showing in search results and gets fairly regular updates so there should be no reason for the PR to drop.  What many don't realize that at any given time you check your PR it is a snap shot at that time not really a true overall picture of what is really happening.  You could easily check it again in a day or even less to get a different result.  So I'm looking at that nice big fat zero and even then it still irritated me.  Here I go busting my butt putting out good content, displaying Adsense ads only to get a slap.  Even if only temporary it doesn't look good.

On the heels of Alexa widgets going funky I am considering removing both Alexa and Page Rank from my blogs.  Not that I'm hiding anything as anyone can easily check them out for themselves, just that neither widget adds any value or content to my blogs.  Both are really only a visual for advertisers and since I'm not actively seeking advertisers these numbers have no meaning to the average reader.  In the meantime, I suspect if I check the PR of this blog in a couple of days it will be right back up there.  As to what the heck Alexa is doing that is another story.


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