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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Should You Buy Blog Traffic?

The now defunct CMFAds offered spikes that guaranteed a certain number of hits to your blog for a certain price.  Essentially anyone using spikes was buying guaranteed amount of traffic.  There are a number of services where you can buy X amount of traffic for a set price.  This begs the question as to whether or not you should buy traffic for your blog.  The answer is not as simple as it would appear.

Only you can decide whether or not buying blog traffic will work for you.  There are pros and cons to buying blog traffic: 

  • pros
    • increased exposure - Paying for traffic is a legitimate form of advertising.  It can be quite effective when done properly. The more you get the link for your blog out there the more readers you are going to get. 
    • increased readership - Let's say you buy 1,000 hits to your blog.  Out of that you can expect to retain at least 1% if not more of the readers so out of that 1,000 hits you should increase your readership by 10.  If you run two successful paid traffic campaigns you may see an increase in residual traffic of 20 readers which isn't bad.
    • effortless - Once you pay for a certain number of hits to your blog, simply sit back and continue blogging while your traffic increases.
    • increased earning potential - Increased traffic means increased earning potential.  Any reader regardless of how they find your blog will count as a visit so if you are being paid based on number of page views your income will increase.  Each visitor may click one or more ads on your blog so if you are being paid per click your income will increase. 
  • cons
    • not Adsense friendly - Do not buy traffic if using Adsense or any other affiliate program where doing so would be contrary to their TOS.
    • increase bounce rate - Depending on where you buy traffic hits there may or may not be an increased bounce rate.  For the most part, expect an increase.
    • cost - There is no doubt about it, buying traffic will cost you actual cash.  You will need to set a budget as some services can be rather pricey.  
    • inconsistencies - Each service is different and while you will get the traffic you bought, there will be inconsistencies in bounce rate and retainership of readers between services and even between campaigns within the same service.
    • unique hits - Always choose a service that provided unique hits.  You can confirm this through your stats.  A service that provides 1,000 unique hits is considerably better than a service that provides 1,000 hits all from the same referrer. 


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