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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Slow Blogging in January

January has thus far been fairly slow for blogging.  There are many factors affecting my blogging time including volunteering at our local school's breakfast club.  I have to admit I am really missing Adgitize as well.  It's funny but there was always that incentive to make at least one blog post daily.  In reality as soon as I made one blog post the ideas would spark other posts so making four or five posts a day was the norm.  It doesn't help that although we moved here starting September 1 of 2011, almost six weeks divided into two intervals were spent at our vacation home so I'm still trying to get things unpacked and organized.  Complicating that is I just started my major winter project of painting all the rooms in the house.  So blogging is sort of taking a back seat.  I just need to find my blogging mojo again!


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