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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Too Many Ads

Oh my, we've all seen blogs with so many ads it is difficult to find the content.  Well Google has announced with their new Page Layout algorithm than sites with too many ads especially ads above the fold are now going to be penalized.  While Google is not saying exactly how many is too many it is quite clear that websites/blogs with a lot of ads are going to be penalized.  Quite frankly I have mixed feelings over this announcement,

First off, like many I am getting tired of being bombarded with more advertising than content on blogs.  That may be just me but some bloggers really need to give it a rest with pushing the advertising.  I don't use a lot of advertising on my blogs simply because I just don't like being bombarded with advertising myself.  The bottom line is, there is very little money to be made by displaying advertisements on blogs because blogs do not get enough traffic.  Realizing this, as a blogger the choice is to monetize a little and be happy if you make any money or don't monetize.  One thing is for certain, no one likes splogs!

Second, my personal opinion is Google has just a bit too much power.  While they are well within their rights to not show websites/blogs that have too many ads in their search results, they really aren't playing fair by giving an acceptable number.  If Google said, no more than 5 ads on a blog well then everyone would know not to go over that number otherwise they are going to be penalized.  As it stands, no one knows how many is too many.  It's hard to play by the rules if the rules aren't spelled out!  Unfortunately this has been a pattern with Google setting up penalties without clarifying the rules leaving the average blogger at best treading water hoping they won't get slapped by Google's next round of penalties.  And the worst part of this is even if you follow Google's rules to a T you can still end up getting penalized because Google changes the rules!  What is wrong with setting the rules and letting folks know exactly what the rules are so everyone has a level playing fied?


Ben said...

"If Google said, no more than 5 ads on a blog well then everyone would know not to go over that number otherwise they are going to be penalized."

I see your point - but unfortunately, if they were very specific about the rules, splogs would be updated to be on the borderline.

If Google says no more than 10 ads above the fold - splogs will have 10 ads above the fold.

Much like at Entrecard - if you set a rule "your blog must have a minimum of 5 posts" - splogs join with exactly 5 posts.

If the rules give you a general idea but the specifics are vague, it forces the blogger to exercise a bit of common sense. We might all have different views on what is a lot of ads - and I think the size of the ad makes a difference, not just the number. But as long as the limit is 3 or more ads above the fold, I think most legitimate blogs would be fine.

John said...

Google ought to penalise sites with intrusive ads rather than sites with ads tucked away in the sidebar. I'm thinking of ads mixed in with content, ads disguised as content, skip this ads, autoplaying audio ads, pop ups, etc.

Garden Gnome said...

So true! The intrusive ads are most annoying. Here's hoping Google includes them with the Page Layout update.

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