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Friday, January 20, 2012

Why Make Comment Spam in the First Place?

I have noticed an increase in blog comment spam lately and what I really don't understand is why anyone would leave a comment, knowing it is going to be moderated before posting and still do it.  Hello?  Talk about a waste of time.  You know it takes me all of 2 seconds to click spam effectively rejecting the comment and yet some of these spammers have spent 5 minutes or more to leave their comment spam.  It's not like they can say they weren't warned about the comment moderation either as I clearly have that set-up in Blogger.  I kid you not, I got one comment spam this morning with three links in it!  Honestly do they not have anything better to do?  I'm just saying...


John said...

They leave comment spam because they're paid to.

New spammers probably take a couple of minutes to leave a comment. Experienced spammers leave a more generic comment.

If the comment gets through on a few blogs, the spammer has done their job.

I receive a couple of phone calls per month from companies offering link building in blog comments. Spam is big business :-(

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