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Monday, February 27, 2012

Blogger's New Country Specific Redirect

The other day I was checking my sats when I saw for one of my blogs referrer: http://MyBlog.blogspot.com.au.  I immediately went to the blogspot.com.au address for my blog and there it was.  Me stomach sank figuring I had been hacked.  I went through the source code for the blogspot.au address but could find nothing fishy.  I posted a notice on my blog that the correct url was MyBlog.blogspot.com not blogspot.com.au.  Then I set out to find out what the problem was.  In the meantime Anji, author of Anji Patchwork who visits my blog via ExposeYourBlog left a comment that this redirect was a new thing Blogger was doing.  I did a bit of research and sure enough Blogger is doing the redirect as a way of circumventing censorship.  Prior to January of 2012, some Blogger blogs were not being seen in certain countries due to their content.  By adding the country specific code to the Blogger blog (eg. .au for Australia) the blogs are now being seen. 

You know while I do appreciate my blogs will be seen in more countries and not that there is anything on any of them that should ever flag censorship, it would have been nice of Blogger to notify their members.  All it would have taken was a notation at the top of the members' dashboard like they do for other information they want you to know.  It would have saved me about a week's worth of worry!


Anji said...

I'm glad that you saw my comment and confirmed that I had understood what was going on.

Things seem to be changing so quickly nowadays, it's hard to keep up!

Garden Gnome said...

Hi Anji and thanks so much. I am always concerned about duplicate content. It would have been nice of Blogger to let users know what they are doing!

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