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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The High Pressure Sales Pitch Turn-off

I am a foodie which translates into me blogging about different food products I like.  I do not get compensated in any way for doing this but rather am sharing with my readers.  So when I bought my Keurig coffee maker last year I shared about one source for inexpensive K-cups.  A representative emailed me and that's when all he-double hockey sticks broke out!  Apparently they liked my review AND because I had mentioned their company where you can buy K-cups as low as 35¢ each in comparison to the normal sale price of 70¢ AND because I already gave them a free plug after I ordered from them, I was fair game for a high pressure sales pitch.  Now they did not compensate me in any way nor did they give a backlink to my blog and yet for a good week I got daily emails from them telling me how I should pimp their product.  As it dragged on into the second week of their suggestions, my sense of humour went out the door.  I marked their emails as spam then swore I would not buy from them again.  So ultimately their high pressure tactics for me to continuously blog about them had the exact opposite effect.  They did lose a customer over it as well...


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